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"Come Away with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest" - Mark 6:31 

is a network of homes providing rest and renewal for full-time pastors, clergy, missionaries, chaplains, ministry directors, and other full-time Christian workers. 

The network of homes are privately owned by Christian hosts in the spirit of 

Romans 12:13 "Share with God's people in need, practice hospitality." 

They are available to full-time Christian workers seeking spiritual and physical renewal for a nominalreservation fee to the ministry. 

Our goal is to provide opportunities for those who are on the frontlines to "come away" with Jesus, get some rest and to be restored.

Directory of  Hospitality Homes

 providing rest and renewal for full-time pastors, clergy, missionaries, chaplains, ministry directors, and other full-time Christian workers

 Follow our 3 STEP PROCESS to make a reservation 

For more detailed "step-by-step how to" go to our     reservations     page


Register to be a New Guest at one of our hospitality homes. We will verify your information for our guest to validate who you are, and that you are full-time staff of an official Christian organization or Church. Upon approval of your guest status, you will be assigned a Guest ID #.  Contact us if you have registered with us prior and have forgotten your ID #. 


Browse our Directory of Homes and choose your destination. Please note details in all columns for dates that are booked, availability restrictions, and other limitations of the home. 

Your requested dates will still need to be confirmed by  your destination Host. 


Make a Reservation Request for your preferred destination and dates. You will need your Guest ID #. We will contact the host to coordinate your request with them. Upon the host's approval, we will contact you to confirm the Reservation.


Below are a few samples of the variety of homes offered. Accommodations can range from detached private quarters, to studios, to separate sections in homes, to private bedrooms and shared common living space with the hosts. Click on images to see samples of what different kinds of spaces are offered. For more detailed information / directory of homes with photos , go to:

from previous guests