"Come Away with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest" ~Mark 6:31

How to Become a Host Home

We are always excited when individuals are interested in becoming a host family.  Our host families are the heart and soul of this ministry.  Each of our hosts see hospitality as a vital expression of their faith and it is our ministry to support them.  There is no charge at the Hospitality Home. Reservation Fees that guests pay to HospitalityHomes.Org are to cover expenses for our placement service.  An added blessing and benefit you will receive when you become a Hospitality Home, is you can stay in any of our other Hospitality Homes at no cost. We waive the reservation fee for all our hosts!

If you are interested in becoming a Host Home, we are here to help you walk through the process and answer any of your questions.  

You can start by completing our online Host Questionnaire at the link below. We will contact you by email or phone to further discuss your interest and personally answer any of your questions.  Thank you for your interest in being part of HospitalityHomes.Org.

(Optional printable form at host questionnaire).

Frequently Asked Questions regarding becoming a Host Home:

Does a Host Home accept fees?
Fees are only paid to and is our only source of income. Customarily, there is NO FEE paid to the hosts, however, guests are encouraged to help share the expenses with their host as the Lord provides and leads.

I'm just not sure
That's Ok.  Being a host may take a little time and getting used to.  You can start slowly by taking one or two guests at first to see if you like it.  You tell us how many visits and when.  Each guest is screened through references from their Church or ministry.  As an added blessing, our hosts can become guests and are invited to register as "guests" and use any home on our list free of charge.

My house is small     
Don't let that stop you!  The Lord can use any size home as long as you have a heart for hospitality.  Our Hospitality Homes vary from a bedroom in a condo, to guest quarters on the downstairs floor, to a self-contained dwelling.

I'm too remote     
We have many houses located away from all the hustle and bustle, out in the country where worn-out Christian workers can find rest and be renewed.

I'm too urban     
Some of our homes are located right in the city.  Our guests have such a variety of needs and preferences, that your location will be just as welcomed.  The closer you are to a major airport, the more international ministers and missionaries you are bound to get.